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it is from cnn and in ohio. perhaps the most important swing state. with 50% to commit robberies 40%. just two percentage points ahead. and you can see the same in florida with a huge state. president obama with just a one percentage lead and look at new hampshire. it from the 47%. and i was, six percentage points. and in iowa--6 percentage points. and president obama is leading in these states but it is also in mayor margin of error. he is still however within striking distance. check out this superstore sandy forced both candidates to alter their campaign schedule, big time this week. on facebook, we are asking you what impact do think sandy will have on the election. join the conversation. we will be reading comments on air later in the show. >> off we will have continuing coverage of the election countdown continues tonight and will sit down with kron 4 is political analyst michael yaki. however, before that we have a controversial issue to talk about. a new poll is out about proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty in california. kron4's dan kerman is here in dan how are ca
gunning for the youth vote again? >> we do have a say. >> stand up for what you believe in. barack obama. >> as a "girls" star comes under fire for her controversial ad. >>> plus, romney's newest celebrity endorsement. >> we need ohio! >>> and -- >> you better bring your mormon magic underpants. ♪ >>> taylor swift's kennedy breakup. her new interview. >> i don't know how to have a normal relationship. >>> the many faces of halle berry. >> eight to nine hours to try to lighten my skin. th
campaign on hold. obama is at the white house monitoring the efforts and the challenger is also helping in the state of ohio. >> we will not be able to solve all the problems with our efforts. people are still going to be looking for goods but as you know i did know that one of the things i've learned. you make the difference is that you. you cannot always solve all the problems yourself but you can make the difference in one, two people. as a result of people taking an effort. >> romney has a scheduled campaign stop in florida, towe will have live coverage november 6th at 8:00 p.m. and also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com we will be right back. >>pam: san francisco is preparing for the world champions. they will be parading through the streets with team coverage tonight, tomorrow. it is a kron 4 exclusive. this photograph showing a giants fan vandalizing a public bus is not him. we will hear his side of the story, coming up. . %blñwó the >> preparations under way for a giants celebration. >> this is a family. , the world championship will have it the world civic center plaza
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3